Dragon HM69 Trout  7-25g 2.55m

Dragon HM69 Trout 7-25g 2.55m

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The Dragon HM69 series is one of the most modern structures in the field of rod construction
, currently available on the global market.
The blanks feature a modified CGT construction
, based on several varieties of graphite by the Japanese company TORAY
, selected specifically for the purpose of the rod: 69 million PSI high-modulus graphite as the basis of each structure, 52 million PSI high-modulus graphite with increased strength
, as the second most important component in the construction of the strongest spinning rods, 30 million PSI graphite mixed with single fibers of Fiber Glass type
, used as an element of the core matrix to increase strength and resistance to overload and mechanical damage.
DCodura rod case included.