Dragon Pro Guide X  Spinning, lure fishing rod

Dragon Pro Guide X Spinning, lure fishing rod

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Extralight tip spinn rods for perch in the range of the length from 198 to 275 cm.

Short (6–7 feet), two pieces rods for fishing with light lures (the range of max. t. w. is 15–25 g).

The group of longer spinning rods with low t.w. and stronger rods in wide range of lengths (7 1/2 to 10 feet).

For years of being on the market GUIDE SELECT series has gotten an opinion of the rods which transmits the work of the lure and bite of the fish in the best way. The second recognizable feature is its extravagant look, dominated by the handle which is made made entirely from graphite fibres.

In the blanks of the Dragon ProGUIDE X rods such prepregs of Japanese Toray
company were used:
    •  the basic material of the blanks: hi-modulus graphites 40 and 46 mln PSI;

    •  62 mln PSI higher stiffness graphite, mainly in places where weight
      reduction was needed;

  •  30 mln PSI strength graphite in core.

Components in the ProGUIDE X series are:
    •  Fuji Alconite K-series guides selected according to KR-CONCEPT;

    •  reel seat Fuji PTS (spinning equipment) or TVS (casting equipment);

    •  handles from second generation “wooven carbon“ graphite;

    •  two-pieces, ageless, epoxy varnish;

  •  Gudebrod threads.

Designing the new generation, under a slightly changed name – Pro GUIDE X – we decided to focus on maintenance the same level quality of the sensitivity of the rod and in the field of modern design add a bit to the plus. Connection of the Resonance System with the handle made from stiff graphite, which perfectly transfer the acoustic wave, that gives incredible impressions to the angler and the intensity of the way it receives the information from the lure or the fish attack is comparable with unfeasible in practice having one hand on the blank during fishing. Two from the three components of the handle are thin – walled moulders, made from light and very stiff graphite fibres in woven carbon 3K technology. The design of the series is emphasized by dark red decorative braids and semi – translucent varnish in the same colour. The end of the handle is made from the blend of cork and rubber and black grip. For the equipment we chose FUJI handle with partially exposed blank and Alconite K-series guides selected according to KR-CONCEPT. In comparison to Guide Select series we managed to significantly reduce the weight of the rod without lowering the endurance.