Dragon G.P. Concept Spinning rod.

Dragon G.P. Concept Spinning rod.

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Very strong, specialist pike fishing areas allocated for spinning with very heavy baits, combining an elegant traditional form with advanced blanks and brand components of top quality. Their nano-graphite blanks with relatively thick walls and strengthened combination are reinforced with durable holder of the Alps fishing reel with the construing cap and specialist XO and SiC cleats with reinforced frames which better protect the rings in comparison with the traditional ones and are almost rectangular to the blank axis.

DRAGON G.P. Concept is a specialist series for specimen hunters, prepared for fishing for large predators, mainly pikes, with heavy baits.
All blanks can be described as very strong from the construction side, and a the same time slender and sophisticated, perfectly transmitting the work of a bait. They were build 100% from nanographites, thanks to which the relatively thick walls do not increase needlessly their mass, and at the same time significantly increase the ability to carry very big weights. We reinforced them with special XO SiC guides with strengthened construction frames and excellent reel seats by the ALPS company.

Main principles of the G.P. Concept series:
- fast action;
- progressive deflection under load, ensuring confident pulling and a high percentage of fish pulled on;
- walls with above-standard thickness;
- exceptional strengthening of a joint.

Thanks to the application of nanotechnology, the blanks from this series:
- weight less;
- their individual layers are more closely adjacent to each other;
- contain less epoxy resin;
- rarely contain the so-called latent defects;

In blanks of G.P. Concept rods, mats by a Japanese Toray company were used:
- graphite with increased rigidity of 30 and 36 million PSI as the basic construction material;
- strength graphite of 24 million PSI in the core and middle part of the blank;

The finishing components are:
- XO SiC type guides in special frames of increased durability;
- ALPS type reel seat;
- two-component, ageless epoxy lacquer for threads;
- Gudebrod threads;