Ryobi Zauber LT fsihing reel. Worm shaft.

Ryobi Zauber LT fsihing reel. Worm shaft.

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Refreshed version of the popular Ryobi Zauber reels available in LT version. Much lower weight was achieved thanks to the use of a titanium main axle. Ryobi Zauber LT spinning reels have the following features:

■ rotor: NCRT

■ gear: CNC cut

■ spool: aluminium

■ brake: waterproof, with felt pads

■ bearings: 9

■ anti-reverse rotation lock: watertight thrust bearing

■ main axle: titanium (50% lighter compared to steel)

■ handle: aluminium alloy, CNC cut

■ line winding system: worm-shaft oscillation

no spare spool

1000 - 217g . Line cap. 0.20mm - 230m Gear ratio 5.1:1

2000 - 219g Line cap. 0.23mm - 200m  Gear ratio 5.1:1

3000 - 244g Line cap. 0.28mm - 200m  Gear ratio 5.1:1

4000 - 246g Line cap.  0.30mm - 200m Gear ratio 5.1:1